Why should I go for a professional mattress cleaning?

Every mattress, no matter how expensive it is, gets dirty with due course of time. These dirty mattresses, with time, start harbouring bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. To keep the mattresses free from dirt, it is necessary to clean them periodically. Although mattresses come equipped with a protective coating known as the bed linen, sometimes these get torn and in such cases, you have to call the professionals for effective cleaning.

I could not find answer to my question here. What should I do?

If we have not answered any of your questions here, we request you to kindly give us a call and our customer advisors will love to solve your queries instantly.

Should I buy allergy preventing mattress covers?

A recent study conducted by the Department of Health Study has negated the use of allergy preventing mattresses quoting the reason of ineffectiveness. Mostly people use such covers on the mattresses that they have been using for a while. This leads to the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mould because the mattress acts as an incubator. Also whenever you remove the cover to wash it, all the contaminants get released into the air thereby infecting the air as well. And as per the manufacturer’s instructions you should wash the covers every week, which is a cumbersome task. We advise you to invest that money in professionally cleaning and getting your mattresses thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Do you provide same day mattress cleaning?

Yes, we believe in delivering same day services so you can easily ask for same day mattress cleaning from Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. After all when you need the same day, why should you wait?

What if I don’t feel satisfied with your mattress cleaning services?

If you don’t feel satisfied with the service from Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne then you don’t have to pay anything at all. Yes, it is as simple as that. Our cleaners will not even ask for payment if you tell them that it has been a disappointing experience for you. On the contrary, our cleaners will re-do the service and make sure that you feel happy about. But this has never happened with Marks and we ensure that it won’t ever happen in future as well! You will definitely get complete satisfaction with our mattress cleaning service.

How can I know about your existing customers?

If you wish to know about what our customers feel about our cleaning services then you can visit our Review Page. On this page, our respected customers take out time to leave a review of our mattresses cleaning services. Here you can read and find out for yourself what our existing customers have to say about us. Most of our business is through referrals and that’s why we always appreciate the feedback of our clients and keep it safe with us for future clients.

I am scared that chemicals will harm my pets and kids. Can you help?

With Marks Mattress Cleaning you need to fret about chemicals because we do not use any chemicals at all for our cleaning processes. We are environment loving people and we hate to leave any carbon footprints on our environment. We understand our responsibility towards the present and next generation. These are the reasons why we don’t use any chemicals at all and all our cleaning solutions comprise only recyclable and ecological ingredients. Our cleaning solutions are purely harmless for your kids, pets and your entire family.

When do you close?

Our customer care people are happy serving our customers all day through across the week. We are available 24×7 to take your calls and we provide our services on all days of the week; without taking any off. Yes, we love to give our customers a little more than they expect from us. So you do not have to worry about the day on which you wish to get your mattresses cleaned, we will do it any day when you want us to. Just call us anytime on 1800 268 056 and we will arrange for everything!

Do you offer mattress steam cleaning?

Yes, we have expert mattress steam cleaning services available for our Melbourne clients. You can avail the same at a very reasonable cost by giving us a call! 1300 660 487

Can mattress cleaning cure allergies and asthma?

No, mattress cleaning cannot CURE allergies and asthma as such but it can definitely reduce the symptoms and bring in a fresh air of relief to the home. Mattresses are conducive for the growth of contaminants and various types of allergens. It has been observed that almost 85% of asthmatic patients are victims of allergens present in dust mites. So, a proper mattress cleaning definitely brings in a commendable relief. Such a cleaning acts as a precaution to allergies and asthma.