Fungus on your Mattress? Tricks for Removing the Fungus

For a healthy life and sound sleep, it is very important to have a bacteria free and clean mattress for sleeping. You usually spend at least 6 hours a day on your mattress and if that is not clean, then there are chances that you will have a health issue. Keeping it clean and fungus free will also ensure that you do not have any skin related issue. Mattress cleaning may remove dirt when done regularly, but if you are looking for a way to get rid of the fungus, you will have to follow a different procedure and spend a little extra time for it. The fungus will develop a very strong odor along with the stains which are hard to remove. We Marks Mattress Cleaning can help you to get rid of the strong smell and stains of the fungus without any problem.

Tricks for Removing the Fungus From Mattress
Tricks for Removing the Fungus From Mattress

Let us Find out what our Tricks are for Fungus Removal…

Trick No 1:

One of the best and simplest method for Mattress Cleaning and getting rid of fungus stains is using isopropyl alcohol along with water. In 1:1 ratio, you will have to mix both water and alcohol solutions. Use this solution on the fungus stain area and start rubbing in circular motions. You will have to keep repeating the same till you see no stains on the mattress. You can now clean the mattress under sun for killing the bacteria. This will help to stop the bacterial growth and hence no fungus mould.

Trick No 2:

Lemon is always known for removing the smell and stains on clothes. Lemon will also help in getting rid of bacteria and mould as well. You will have to mix lemon juice with warm water and spray it on the mattress. You will have to vacuum clean the mattress before you do this process as it is important to get rid of the dust on the mattress before you clean. You should spray this solution on the fungus mould and then leave it to dry. Once it is dry, your Mattress Cleaning Services is done and you are good to go. This lemon will leave a good smell on the mattress.

Trick No 3:

There are a number of stain removers available in the market and you can but you should choose disinfectant stain remover. Make sure to choose a renewed brand from the market. These will help in removing even tough stains and fungus from the mattress. You can also ask if there is any special stain remover available with the seller for your mattress as that will work better for your mattress brand. You can follow the instructions given on the spray bottle and get rid of the stains and odor of fungus.

Expert Mattress Cleaning
Expert Mattress Cleaning

Hire the Affordable Mattress  Cleaning Services

You can try any of these three tricks and they will work magic on your mattress. If the mattress still look dirty, then you have gone wrong somewhere in the Mattress Cleaning process and we Marks Mattress Cleaning can fix the problem for you. Call us Today for our Mattress Cleaning services and also Book an Appointment.

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