How to clean a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is a common type of mattress which people usually use. Sleeping on a soft and comfortable foam mattress is really an amazing experience and you feel comfortable. But if accidentally something spilled or your pet has made an accident on it then it’s difficult to clean and it becomes an unhygienic place for sleeping. You should know the advantages and disadvantages before Cleaning. Cleaning liquid spills and urine is an easy task, but memory foam is porous which absorbs liquid and soak it in deep so it becomes hard to clean. So buy some household products and get ready to clean your memory foam mattress cleaning or call any mattress cleaning Melbourne services for professional help.

Following are some easy methods for cleaning the mattress;

  • Dry clean-

    Mattress require regular cleaning from a Dry cleaner. Before starting mattress cleaning, vacuum it thoroughly then attach a brush on the vacuum before vacuuming. It’ll help in removing any dirt or dust which is sticking on the mattress.

  • Cleaning method-

    Take a spray bottle and fill it half with fabric cleaner and half with water. Shake it properly and it’s ready for use. Now, place the mattress in an open place and spray the solution all over the spotted area. Let the solution sit for half an hour. After half an hour rinses the mattress in freshwater. Thoroughly run the water over the mattress.

    Mattress Stain Removal Services
    Mattress Stain Removal Services
  • Cleaning Ingredients-

    *Spray bottle
    * Vinegar
    Take an empty spray bottle, Pour a¼ amount of vinegar into it. Now, spray the solution all over the mattress and clean it t thoroughly using fresh water. Clear out the excess water by pressing the mattress gently, repeatedly press the mattress until the wetness doesn’t get dry.

  • Dry the mattress completely-

    Place the mattress outside under sunlight in the fresh air. Sunrise helps in absorbing fast, Dry the memory foam using a hair dryer or fan, remove the dust and remaining water completely from the mattress, The mattress will be dry in one or two days, depending on the mattress, how much water is inside it.

    Mattress Dry Cleaning
    Mattress Dry Cleaning

Hire a professional mattress cleaning service

Hiring from Mark’s Mattress Cleaning can give you a fresh and clean mattress. Moreover, it’s easy for professionals to clean memory foam mattress. We are a trusted professional mattress cleaner in Melbourne. We have a team of professionals who expertise in memory foam mattress cleaning. So leave it to the professionals who are highly qualified in their job and get the best results with their help.

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