Professional Mattress Cleaning

I tried several similar services in Melbourne but my experience with Mark’s Mattress Cleaning has been best – quite effective with complete customer satisfaction.


Amazing Mattress Cleaning Services

I wish to express my gratitude to Mark’s Mattress Cleaning Services for the amazing result with mattress cleaning at my home. We would recommend your services with delight to everyone


Quick and Professional Mattress Cleaning

I am writing this note to share my experience with Marks Mattress Cleaning. Last week I needed same day mattress cleaning and luckily I got an appointment. They sent their team within an hour of my call and everything was done swiftly in much detail. The result was absolutely satisfactory and the quote was genuinely affordable. I am definitely using their services again.

Donna Kime

Hygienic Mattress Cleaning @ Lowest Price

I had searched lots of mattress cleaning company in Melbourne and tried so many but not really happy with their result. This time I found Marks Mattress Cleaning company and hired them for mattress sanitizing and stain removing. They delivered best quality result at very affordable price. No one can beat the quote and quality offered by Marks Mattress cleaning Melbourne. Expert in cleaning and highly professional.


Spring Clean

As spring is approaching I like to have my house and furniture fresh I organised someone to clean my mattress. I was totally grossed out by the color of the water even though I always use a mattress protector so i was shocked. I can now sleep better knowing that my mattress is clean and mite free.

jasprey singh

Mattress Sanitizing

I am a cleanliness freak and I keep my home spotless. But when it comes to mattress I can’t do much about them. The kids pee on it, the pets play on it, everyone eats on it but I don’t get an idea on how to clean them so that germs don’t breed in my mattress. My husband suggested calling professional intervention and that is when I came across Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. They visited our place in 2 days’ time, as scheduled, and did a fantastic job. I am so glad that apart from cleaning they did Mattress Sanitizing. Now I can sleep peacefully knowing that my loved ones are safely sleeping in their beds. Thanks to Marks!

Cristy Joseph

Good and Professional Mattress Cleaning

I regularly clean my mattresses with the help of a vacuum cleaner. But last week I called Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne to perform a dust-mite test on my mattress. I was shocked to see the result! I immediately asked them to sanitize all my mattresses. This company provides a good, professional, and affordable service.

- Judy Helsel

Flawless Mattress Stain Removal

Marks Mattress Cleaning delivers flawless mattress stain removal services. My cat had peed on the mattresses and there was a huge stain. Apart from that the mattress smelled terribly when we called you guys. Thanks to your eco-friendly cleaning solutions the pet urine stain and smell both are gone. Great service.

Anthony Cooke

Removed Pet Odour from My Bed

Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne cleaned my mattress last year and I was impressed with their service. Yesterday, I had to call them again late at night as my dog peed on my bed. The company had my records from last time and convinced me to send a team the first thing in the morning. Again I was happy with their prompt and friendly service. Thank God I don’t have to smell dog odour anymore in my bed. Ican have a peaceful sleep now. I am more than happy with this company and I am sure to come back again whenever I need a good quality cleaning service. –

Lyuda Melnyk

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