Why Lemon is An Appropriate Deodorizer for Mattress Odors

How You Act When your Carpet is Smelling Bad?

An unpleasant smell is acquired by your mattress over time. This amount of smell increases with our increasing level of time spent on bed. The musty smell of the mattress is due to dust, sweat, dead cells and dust mites. Even though you do wash your bed sheets regularly and even the mattress has a protector, a light smell exists.

The Mattress Cleaning methods may work well for the removal of body fluids and urine. You can also employ some natural ways that effectively act for Mattress Odor Removal. The way is also eco-friendly as harsh chemicals are not used. Even though commercial odor removers are available, there are some common household items that can effectively remove odors.

Lemon helps to eliminate bad odors by leaving fresh lemony smell to the mattress. This lemon smell has no pollutants. Lemons in fact release a smell that is fresh and energizing.

Mattress Odor Removal
Mattress Odor Removal

How to Disinfect Mattress and Deodorize It With Lemon?

Mattress Cleaning through vacuuming ensures the removal of dust, dirt, and dust mites. It is important to clean vacuum brush attachment before vacuuming. Stains may be of protein stains of body fluids. Even though it is essential to treat these stains instantly, it may not be possible always. These stains settle and create odor. Even though Mattress Disinfection can be done with these various ways of Mattress Stain Removal, such as using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, a light amount of smell persists. To remove this smell and also for Mattress Deodorization, a paste of salt and lemon can be applied on the stain. After a while, the salt is swept off. This procedure not only allows Mattress Disinfection but also removes the lingering smell of body fluids. 

How to Dry Clean The Mattress and How Lemon Helps in Deodorizing The Dry Cleaned Mattress?

Mattress Cleaning cannot always be done with steam cleaners. It can be dry cleaned and Mattress dry cleaning is also a deep cleaning. Dry cleaning of mattress is a stepwise procedure. At first the mattress is vacuumed from top to bottom along with corners and edges. Dust, dirt and dust mites that create bad odor and health problems can be removed effectively during vacuuming. Stains on the mattress are removed with a detergent or stain remover formed with a combination of detergent, vinegar and baking soda. Stain removal is done with soft brush after the stain remover is applied.  After the removal of stains, infestation and odor, the mattress is again vacuum that removes lingering odors, leftover dust and dirt. To deodorize the mattress finally, lemon oil is added to water and sprayed on mattress that helps to repel dust mites. 

Availing Professional Assistance

Professional assistance to remove bad odors from carpets is always good. Professionals can provide you some home tricks that work effectively. They use some deodorizers along with lemon that avoids the odor that lingers to the mattress even after a thorough cleaning. Most importantly professional assistance works out in the case of application of deodorizers suitable to the fabric of mattress. 

Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

Using Marks Mattress Cleaning for The Efficient Mattress Services

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