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Call Mark on 1800 268 056 any day any time 24 X7

Mattress Cleaning just from $5 per Sqm Same Day Service!!! Get a professional Mattress cleaning today!

Welcome to Mark’s Mattress Cleaning!

We are a renowned provider of mattress cleaning services in suburbs across the city of Melbourne. Our specialized and efficient solutions are designed to make your mattresses dust, mites and pathogens free while retaining its strength and beauty. Our mattress cleaning solutions are preferred all across Melbourne for the quick-around time, reasonable rates and effectiveness.

Our Cleaning Process includes:

  1. Vacuuming the Mattress on both sides to remove loose dirt , skin cells, dust mite feces and dust with a high powered vacuum.
  2. Proceed with Hot Water Extraction that will Clean and Sanitize the mattress.
  3. Apply a botanical disinfectant.
  4. Apply an Allergy relief treat that helps reduce affects of dust mites and pet allergens for sufferers.

Mattress Cleaning – We clean all types of mattresses

Call on Mark on 0421 830 164 any day any time 24 X7 Mattress Cleaning just from $5 per Sqm Same Day Service!!! Get a professional Mattress cleaning today!

[testimonials heading=”Client Testimonials” auto_scroll=”yes”][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Mark” author_title=””]I wish to express my gratitude to Mark’s Mattress Cleaning Services for the amazing result with mattress cleaning at my home. We would recommend your services with delight to everyone[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Alex” author_title=”Alex”]I tried several similar services in Melbourne but my experience with Mark’s Mattress Cleaning has been best – quite effective with complete customer satisfaction.

Thanks for Effective Mattress Cleaning

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Hi, this is a quick note to say a big thanks to the whole team of Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for always providing effective mattress cleaning. On my recommendation even my friends have used your services and all of them are extremely happy. Thank you.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

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Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne offers professional, experience, and affordable mattress cleaning services. For quality services, I always rely on Mark.

Effective Mattress Cleaning – Sinus Reduced

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The team from Marks Mattress Cleaning was super efficient, early, polite, and extremely customer friendly. My mattress is 7+ years old but that night I had the best sleep in a long time. I am pretty sensitive to allergens and chemicals. May be that’s why I could easily notice the difference between the cleaned mattress and the one I had been using. Moreover, whatever solutions they used to clean and sanitize the mattress had no smell and the mattress only looked fresh. My sinus problem has reduced and I can sleep longer in a stretch due to the ultimate mattress cleaning. It is surely worth every penny.