How Much Does It Cost to Have a Mattress Professionally Cleaned in Melbourne?

Mattresses are a very great investment but they are very expensive. As well as, you can not change your mattress whenever it gets a little dirty. Moreover, cleaning a mattress is a very difficult job. However, you can always opt for professional mattress cleaning. Professionals know what they are doing. They can make your mattress last longer. 

Mattress cleaning cost in Melbourne?

Our minium cost for mattress cleaning services ranges from $140 – $160. Again it depends what are the extra servicees you will opt can go up to $250 – $290 depending upon the extra services required e.g. mattress anti-allrgen treament, single side or both side steam cleaning. Also mattress cleaning cost also depends upon the mattress size e.g. single mattress or double mattress, queen or king mattress.

Professionally Mattress Cleaning

However, if you are concerned about the rates of professional mattress cleaning then you stop worrying because most of the best ones are very affordable. The cleaning amount depends on the size of your carpet. The price for the single bed or for king-size beds can be very high. They are a way better option than replacing your mattress which will cost you a lot more. 

How Professional Mattress Cleaning Can Be Very Beneficial For You?

Apart from being cost-effective, professional mattress cleaning can be very beneficial for you. There are many advantages that you can have by recruiting a professional cleaner. Let’s know more about them. 

  • Completely Removes Dust From Your Mattress

People think that vacuuming the mattress is enough to get rid of the dust completely. But it is not enough. However, vacuum spreads the dust in the whole room and pollutes the air you breathe. This can be bad for kids and the older ones in your house. A professional has the right machines to do the job efficiently without any issue. 

  • It Prolongs The Life Of Your Mattress

It is well-known that mattresses are very expensive. Why damage them when you can prolong their life by booking a professional cleaner? People without being fully aware of the type of mattress they use, clean their mattresses by themselves. Cleaning the wrong type of mattress with the wrong cleaner can damage your mattress even more. Therefore, it is always better to let professionals do their job. 

  • They Will Get Rid Of The Stubborn Stains? 

You may have noticed a lot of stains on your mattress when you remove your bedsheet. These are the stubborn stains that deteriorate your mattress. However, professionals can easily and quickly get rid of stains from mattress with the help of their special stain removers. The stain remover that they use is specifically for the material of your mattress. Therefore, it does not harm your mattress in any way.

  • Save Your Time.

Everyone is on a busy schedule these days. Mattress cleaning will take a lot of your time. In fact, only the drying of the mattress takes at least 5-6 hours. However, the professionals are well-trained in their job. They can perform the same task with full efficiency in a minimum amount of time. 

  • It Will Be Very Convenient For You

It will take your whole day and a lot of effort to clean your mattress then as well you will not be able to deep clean it. Why bother this much when you can just appoint a professional mattress cleaner on just a call. You can save yourself from a lot of physical labour if you appoint a professional. Moreover, do not forget that they are pretty affordable if you choose the right service-providing agency. 








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Alice Sinia Quality Assurance Manager – Regulatory/Lab Services

Reviewed by: James Davis (PHD DESc)

James Davis is a highly experienced professional with over 16+ years of experience in the mattress cleaning industry. With a PhD in DESc, James has a deep understanding of the science and technology behind effective mattress cleaning and uses his expertise to provide exceptional service to his clients. As the founder and owner of his Melbourne-based mattress cleaning service, James is committed to delivering personalized service and exceeding customer expectations. His team of skilled technicians uses the latest techniques and equipment to clean and sanitize mattresses of all types, removing dirt, dust, and allergens for a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment.

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