How to sanitize a mattress?

Almost all of us spend around one-third of our lives staying in the beds. But did you give it a thought of all the dirt, bacteria, germs and critters that would make homes in your mattresses? This is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep as well. You would be happily washing those bed sheets regularly and flipping your mattresses every few months so that they last longer. But have you given it a thought if you could disinfect and sanitize that mattress? Well, apart from cleaning, you can keep your mattress look and feel fresh by both sanitizing and disinfecting it.

How to sanitize a mattress
How to sanitize a mattress

Methods of sanitizing mattress;

Steam cleaning

You cannot see dust mites through your naked eye but can definitely feel them through runny nose and itchy eyes. To compensate with these allergens and other enemies on your mattress, all you have to do is remove the topical dander and dust from the mattress with the help of vacuum.  Use a steamer and run it across the mattress surface. Make sure that you cover every corner and inch evenly by using short steam bursts. Don’t use continuous bursts or it will soak up the mattress. Allow the mattress to dry down completely before you sleep on it again.

Use an antibacterial spray

The antibacterial sprays and cleaners prevent and remove the harmful bacteria from your mattress. However, when you choose a cleaning spray, make sure that it doesn’t contain bleaching agents, or it will destroy the fibres on your mattress. Vacuum your entire bed surface thoroughly and it will help in removing all the topical allergens and dust. Spray the antibacterial spray with light hands across the entire surface. Then, dip a rag in lukewarm water and wipe the surface once you spray them. Give the mattress some time to dry down before you set it up for sleeping.


It is true that the vodka that you probably might be drinking makes for an excellent disinfectant for not just your mattress, but your skin too. Well, you wouldn’t have to spend on the expensive ones though because all vodkas would work the same when it comes to sanitizing. Vacuum clean the mattress surfaces entirely so that there is no sign of dust particles. Pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it across the surface of the mattress. Make sure that the mattress doesn’t soak it up. Once you are done spraying, give your mattress some time to dry down entirely.

Use ultraviolet rays

If you are someone who has allergies and looking for deep sanitization, you can contact a professional who is an expert when it comes to cleaning mattresses. They would clean your mattress with the help of specialized tools and equipment and would target specific allergens. This company should have the ability to clean your mattress using ultraviolet rays that would help in killing the microorganisms. When you pass the ultraviolet light, it would break down the DNA of the germs which would stop their reproduction process and make them die.

Best Sanitize a Mattress
Best Sanitize a Mattress

Why do you need to hire us?

There can be some instances, where mattress are not sanitized thoroughly through these methods and you may require professional assistance. Herein, what you can do is you can hire a mattress expert such as Marks Mattress Cleaning Hobart which can help you get rid of mattress odour thoroughly. Once your mattress is all fresh and clean, make sure that you keep it clean always. Remake your bed every week and wash your bedding and sheets with warm water. This will automatically prevent the germs from growing on your bed.

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