Mattress Odour Removal: Follow These Simple Four Methods

Over time mattresses get to acquire an unpleasant and nasty smell. Undoubtedly, you spend the third part of your life on mattresses. During the spending time on this, the amount of sweat left on the mattress. Even if you clean the cover of mattresses in washing machines then also you experience an unpleasant smell from the mattresses. As only cleaning is not enough to make the smell of the mattress go away. Other than this, the accidents also take place over time, such as vomit and urine that can linger. 

Well, the methods we are recommending to you will surely help you to bring the pleasant smell of the mattress. Additionally, here are the effective ways to get rid of the mattress smells, even without using any kind of harsh chemicals. 

Mattress Odour Removal Service
Mattress Odour Removal Service

Needed Materials:

  • Brush
  • Spraying Bottle
  • Water
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  1. Sprinkle The Baking Soda Over The Mattresses:

    At first, spray some water on the mattress and then sprinkle the baking soda on over it. Leave it for some hours so it can be soaked. This is the natural way because the soda will soak the odour from the mattresses. After applying these steps, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.
  2. Allow The Mattress To Have Sunlight:

    This is a little difficult for those who live in flats. But, if you have some outside space where the sun rays are natural to have, then you are in luck. Allow your mattress to have some sunlight as the sun will do fantastic work to reduce the smell of the mattress cleaning in Adelaide. So, it is recommended that you should move your mattresses on a sunny day. This method works best for sweat. 
  3. Wipe The Mattress With Lemon:

    Cut a half lemon and start rubbing it on the mattresses. Scrub it all over the mattress and leave for a few hours. If you are worried about the juicy lemons pipe which gets left on the mattresses after scrubbing then don’t be. Lemon is a natural and effective bleach which helps to eliminate the mattresses odour. Also, lemon has antibiotic properties which are so effective on the sweating smell. 
  4. White Vinegar:

    White vinegar the alternative to get rid of the mattress odour. It is also an effective method to make the mattress aromatic and free from odour thoroughly. For this, you need to mix white vinegar and warm water. Take a clean cloth then allow it to soak the mixture then dab it on the mattresses. It surely provides you with a pleasant smell of the mattress and rid of the odour. White vinegar process takes a few hours to get done. 


One of these methods will definitely work for you. So, these methods make your task easier and acceptable. You must pick any of the methods and go with it. You will get exceptional results by following the methods mentioned above. 

Remove Odour From Mattress
Remove Odour From Mattress

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